From a tired con coordinator,

Wow. Just wow. Every year I'm surprised at how many people attend. I was worried about having a huge dealer's room, but you guys packed it. I hope you all enjoyed our main events, panels, and everything that made Yasumicon fun. There will be updates to the website soon, but in the meantime give us your thoughts on lj and our forum. Let us know your favorite parts and comments to help us improve next year!

If you have pictures or links to webgalleries of this year's Yasumicon, please send them to me at yasumicon@gmail.com :D If you'd like to share your own pictures with us on our webgallery, make a note in the email.

Thank you guys so much for your support! We'll see you soon at Vic's upcoming movie release.

Searching for Meas Hughes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please please please help!!! I am the Winry that ran around with the really short Ed and the Mustang that had the real flame. My mustang and the really good Hughes did a skit and he recorded it.... but I forgot to get his myspace name or anything so that we can get a copy too!!!!!!!!!!! 

;_; If anyone knows who he really is or knows his myspace name or LJ SN, then please message it to me on my myspace http://myspace.com/otakukitten or email it to me at theotakukitten@aol.com

Thank you so much.

Oh, and I enjoyed Yasumicon, regardless as to how small it was or whatever went wrong. Watching Vic sing was completely worth it. ^___^

Many thanks again!!!!!!!!!1


(no subject)

Apparently there are QUITE a few people that went to the con only to bitch about the fact that there were furries there. I do NOT see the problem with furries. I AM ONE! I do not STINK, I do not "YIFF" people and I am not anything like what somepeople are bitchin about. Most of these comments are made by ANON people. Grow some GONADS and fess up to who you are. If your that much of a coward then your comments are worth nothing. If theres a name to go with these assumtions then they just MIGHT have some merit, but they dont. Get a life. Furries LIKE Anime too.

Grave of the Fireflies

Unfortunately I won't be going to the YasumiCon today (my bro doesn't feel like making the drive again, plus I have date with my boyfriend tonight :P), so I'm just posting this now and hopefully you guys will comment when you get back. :P

I just wanted to know what everyone thought of Grave of the Fireflies. Frankly, I liked the movie, it was beautifully animated and had a story that really drew you in and made you feel for the characters, but I got a little depressed by it. I don't think that it's a movie you should show at conventions. I know that the Consulate General of Japan was in town and that's why it was played, but you have to admit that it's a very somber story and didn't fit the afternoon's mood.

Any thoughts? Am I right or am I wrong? Did you guys watch the movie, skipped it, or saw a bit and then left?

Less Than A Week

This will be my first ANIME con. Most cons I go to are Anthro Conventions. Im extreamly excited to be going to this one. So syked. WOO! Anyhow. I wanted to know how many people will be COSPLAYING as a character THEY created based on any given show or game? I am. And if so, Will that count in any of the cosplay activities? I dont wanna go through the trouble of putting together my costume if I wont be eligible. (Spelling???)
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It never fails :3

Say hello to this year's special tropical system guest, Chris! Chris is not expected to strengthen much from his current tropical storm status.

(HAHA. Sorry guys, I fail at using a calendar... I thought it was this weekend!)

Chris is now forecast as of 5 PM today to go further south, at category 1.