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The dates for AFO have been announced for July, so I'm letting you guys know that Yasumicon will be some time in August depending on the availability of room reservations. More info to come! :3

2/24-26 MegaCon 2006 > Orlando, Florida
4/28-30 JACON 2006 > Orlando, Florida
6/02-04 METROCON 2006 > Tampa, Florida
6/16-17 Houkocon 2006 > Port St. Lucie, Florida
7/28-30, 2006 AFO > Orlando, Florida
August 2006 Yasumicon > Miami, Florida

We'll be also helping out at the Japan Anime Festival (we're hosting the website) with Wasabi Anime and FIU's Asian Studies Department. Hope to see you there!

Spread the word :D
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