July 2nd, 2007


just a question about tables...

i don't know if anyone in this comm is actually involved with the making and maintaining of yasumicon in itself, but i have a question about the artists alley tables.
all i want to know is
1. how big are they?
2. is it okay for a bunch of artists selling different stuff to share one table?
3. is it okay to sell manga as well as your craft at an artists table?
4. is it okay to bring a smaller, extra table from home, or does that warrent banishment from the con?

i just need to know this stuff by at LEAST the 10th of July, that way i'll know if i can go buy a crapload of beads at michaels. my craft is jewelry making, candpop bracelets, glass, keychains...not to mention custom name bracelets. i hope that this post isn't considered trolling or spamming or anything, i just want to help make yasumicon as fun as it was last year by getting affordable stuff to the masses. thank you.
ps, if i AM trolling/spamming, sorry.