Miss Teri (tewibewi) wrote in yasumicon,
Miss Teri

Yasumicon's OVAR :D

After a fun beach day, and a recovery from the fun beach day, I have returned from zombie mode. I just now counted the registrations for Saturday. We have 1816 registrations, not including vendors, staff, volunteers, etc. So it's pretty close to 2,000 who packed GC on Saturday. There actually were a lot of people who came on Sunday as well, but I'm still counting the total number of wristbands left to get a complete individual count of Saturday + Sunday.

Hopefully I can get some footage and pictures from the guys and have clips given to me to show at the meeting. If you have any pictures, please comment up Tom and upload them on the pictures website, or bring them on Thursday's Anything Goes Anime meeting so we can do so.

Tags: announcements, yasumicon 2007

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