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Help out with Manga otaku research

Hi guys! I'm forwarding a questionair from a professor in Arkansas who's working on a research project on Manga lovers. If you are interested in helping, answer the questions below.

Please send the questions to: kxito@ualr.edu


Dear Teri,

My name is Dr. Kinko Ito, professor of sociology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Currently I am doing a research on American manga otaku who are college students. I would like to contact manga otakus at FIU and would you please forward this e-mail to manga otakus? I would like to have the following questions answered and e-mailed back to me. Thank you!

(1) When did you first read a Japanese manga? How old were you?

(2) What was the title of your first manga? Do you remember?

(3) How did you get it?

(4) How often do you buy/read manga?

(5) In what ways do you think you are a manga otaku?

(6) What are your most favorite manga?

(7) Why do you like it/them?

(8) What did you learn from your most favorite manga?

(9) What kind of things do you know about Japanese culture and society thta you learned from reading manga? (e.g., history, customs and manners, food, fashion, psychology, etc.)

(10) Can you elaborate on (9)?

(11) Have you encountered any disturbing manga? What are the the,es/stories that are disturbing to you?

(12) Have you ancountered any moving manga? In what way did it/they move you? What are the themes/stories?

(13) Do you read American comics?

(14) What are the differences bewteen manga and American comics?

(15) What do your parents/significant others think of you as a manga otaku?

(16) How many friends do you have who are manga otaku? What kind of activities do you do with them?

(17) May I contact you if I have further questions?

Thank you so much.

Dr. Kinko Ito
Professor of Sociology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 S. University, Little Rock, AR 72204 U.S.A.
(501) 569 -3170

respond to: kxito@ualr.edu
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