Yasumicon 2009!

If the economy's got you down and you think you can't afford to attend any conventions this year, well... think again. Yasumicon 2009 is the answer. South Florida's largest free anime convention is back for a 7th year, July 11th and 12th at FIU University Park Campus in Miami, FL. And still free!

Join us as we welcome back special musical guest: Arm Cannon. That's right, the boys from Buffalo are back! If you missed them last year, you'll definitely want to catch this year's show.

We will be announcing a lot more news in the coming weeks, so join the community or add it to your watch list to stay on top of the latest news, and don't forget to drop by our Forums and check out what's new there.

Yasumicon 2009 Staff:


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ZIM DEMANDS YOU TAKE THIS SURVEY!!! Help fill the answers for the SciFi Family Feud hosted by Joey Snackpants...


ADDED BONUS: Are you coming to ASSIMILATION 2007 the weekend of September 29th & 30th? Wanna save a couple of bucks? Here's a coupon for $10 off admission for those of you that actually read stuff on the Internet...


See you there!

Yasumicon's OVAR :D

After a fun beach day, and a recovery from the fun beach day, I have returned from zombie mode. I just now counted the registrations for Saturday. We have 1816 registrations, not including vendors, staff, volunteers, etc. So it's pretty close to 2,000 who packed GC on Saturday. There actually were a lot of people who came on Sunday as well, but I'm still counting the total number of wristbands left to get a complete individual count of Saturday + Sunday.

Hopefully I can get some footage and pictures from the guys and have clips given to me to show at the meeting. If you have any pictures, please comment up Tom and upload them on the pictures website, or bring them on Thursday's Anything Goes Anime meeting so we can do so.


just a question about tables...

i don't know if anyone in this comm is actually involved with the making and maintaining of yasumicon in itself, but i have a question about the artists alley tables.
all i want to know is
1. how big are they?
2. is it okay for a bunch of artists selling different stuff to share one table?
3. is it okay to sell manga as well as your craft at an artists table?
4. is it okay to bring a smaller, extra table from home, or does that warrent banishment from the con?

i just need to know this stuff by at LEAST the 10th of July, that way i'll know if i can go buy a crapload of beads at michaels. my craft is jewelry making, candpop bracelets, glass, keychains...not to mention custom name bracelets. i hope that this post isn't considered trolling or spamming or anything, i just want to help make yasumicon as fun as it was last year by getting affordable stuff to the masses. thank you.
ps, if i AM trolling/spamming, sorry.